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calling all survivors, go getters & entrepreneurs........

Thefreemovement ELITE is Searching for.....

 Thefreemovement is currently looking for Models, chick flickers, motivational speakers, business starters, house ladies, travelers, recrruiters, promo-girls, go-getters and so much more.....

Take advantage of the many opportunities we provide such as: workshops with multiple resources/thefreemovement social outtings/thefreemovement photo shoots and paid assignments.

Become one of "thefreemovement ladies" by joining our excitingly new movement that is growing fast. 

                     ...the Talented.

                  ...the Unique.

                     ...the Entreprenuer.


Talented Hustlers Enlightening Females Respectfully Empowering Entrepenuers 

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Thefreemovement crafty ladies design these in classes we provide with supplies included. 


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