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These announcements that I have  put up are of my personal to do list. Some of these have been on my to do list for many years. Finally I can check them off of that list starting with my book (Emotional Hustler), which has been 20 years in the making. Fate and Destiny unfortunately doesn't have a time limit or date attached. You never will be able to  put a date or time to either one of those. They are blessings for going down the right path in life, if followed you will be blessed with fate and destiny. 



                                     BOOK ANOUNCEMENT                                         

                                                                    "EMOTIONAL HUSTLER"                                                                         

Books complete, Promotion with Dorrance begins!

book available at

      search for book under my ISBN number ISBN:978-1-4349-8721-1         



 Thefreemovement EXERCISE VIDEO!!!!!!

                                                       LOOKING FOR MODELS NOW!!!!!!                                         


 Thefreemovement 1st Free Family Event Coming Soon!!!


                                    Thefreemovement Ice Cream Truck Ladies!!!!!!                            


 Thefreemovement Party Planners


  Thefreemovement Phoneline (Questions & Answer) Ladies! 


  Thefreemovement "Ultimate Warriors" Ladies

Pool Sharks/Poker Players/Oil Wrestlers/ETC....


  Thefreemovement Motivational Speakers BOOK!

I wrote a book now I'm passing the opportunity along, Be a part of 

an Inspirational Book only thefreemovement can write. I 

will choose your story, so get to writing!!!


  Thefreemovement Ladies personal Daycare Ladies! 


  Thefreemovement Crafty Ladies! 


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