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Michae Allston "QUEEN BEE"

Head of District House Ladies

contact# 1(916)507-5406

I will not lie it will be Difficult to get on the Elite Package, only the strong will prosper!

                         Thefreemovement house lady's (reps.)


           To be a house mom is one of the most important parts of this movement.

 The house mom will ensure all ladies get every opportunity, afforded to them. The responsibilities for this lady makes her an asset to thefreemovement. 


 Assignments: Workshops/Events/monthly maintenance of ladys/Movement outtings

Thefreemovement House Ladies

                             Thefreemovement Photographer

                                              (chick flickers)

               Chick Flickers are just as important as a house mom they both play a  

    valuable role.These ladies are the main focus of our social network and they tell    

    stories through pictures! Get your opportunity to be a movement paparazzi!!!!!


         Assignments: Workshops/Events/Photo-shoots/Movement outtings

Thefreemovement Chick Flicker Ladies


             Thefreemovement Elite Model/Actress/Belly Dancers

                                                         (video's, website, bloopers)

              Do you got what it takes to pose in front of a camera with confortability? 

Be a Freemovement Model get recognized by the many opportunities we offer. The freemovement does Monthly Calenders that are loaded with assignments. All the freemovement ladies are models but not all can be elite! 


                Assignments:Workshops/Events/Photo-shoots/Movement outtings



 Thefreemovement Ladies "ELITE"

                     Thefreemovement motivational speakers

                                     (help line/workshops/Events)

               Not everyone can stand up in front of large crowds and tell their    

      story, but some do. If you feel like you got what it takes to share your  

     story many times over then this spot is right for you. This lady must  

     have knowledge on character traits and have a positive approach on life.      The help line is also an assignment for those Motivational Speakers, who      choose to accept it.


                   Assignments: Workshops/Events/Thefreemovement help line  

 Thefreemovement Motivational Speaker Ladies

                                        Freemovement ladies

                                 (go getter, promoter,recruiter, flea market, models)

Qualities that these ladies have are: Optimism, Ambition, Energetic, Good natured

and of course always smiling. If you just said "that's me" then this is you, a passionate GO-GETTER!!! excellent PROMOTER!!! posotive RECRUITER!!! These girls are down to go anywhere and are seen everywhere!!!


            Assignments: Workshop/Events/movement outtings/ photo-shoots



                                  Thefreemovement Ladies                                      GoGetters/Promo/Recruiter/Models


                                Freemovement Business Starter


               Now is the time to start that business you have dreamt about since childhood.

       Thefreemovement has teamed up with non-profits and resources that have personal

       mentors. Thefreemovement will hold workshops and classes to help gain much needed

       information to start the business of your choice.


                                  Assignments: Workshops/classes/Events/Photo-shoot

 Thefreemovement Entrepenuer Ladies      "business starters"


                                INTRODUCING: Freemovement little ladies


            I have put my child in multiple areas of her talent growing up, what did she get out of it? Practice for her future? Children grow up and they go to college or get a job and all is forgotten! Have your litlle lady join the movement, she will learn she can achieve  it with hard work. Thefreemovement will guide her into the right path for her future! Whether it be art or taking a entrepreneurial approach we will guide her down that path. This is a NEW  and exciting kid movement, we are bring back ettiquette school!!!


                                  Assignments: Workshops/Events/Photo-shoots

          Thefreemovement LITTLE Ladies             "promo-models"

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Join us now!!! Elite Package Just a $30/yearly due!!! 

Become one of our thefreemovement members now!!!

Searching for house mom's to bring thefreemovement to your area!!!

Start your own business while accepting assignments on other opportunities!!!

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